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How to remove iCloud account?

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Are you thinking of upgrading your device and selling your device? Or maybe your device is lost/stolen and you need to remove the data off you’re device as quickly as possible.

iCloud is useful if you’re an Apple user as it allows you to back up and store your device's data and content. However, if you want to restore the device back to factory settings if you are giving the phone away, you will need to remove this from your device.

There could be many reasons why you would like to remove iCloud from your device, either you have simply forgotten your password or you would like to start a new account, we will show you below some helpful tips so you can get iCloud removed from your device with no hassle.

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    1. How to remove iCloud account on iPhone/iPad
    2. How to remove iCloud account on Mac
    3. How to remove iCloud account without password

Before you remove iCloud from your device, make sure all of the data stored on your device backed up!


How to remove iCloud account on iPhone/iPad

Firstly, got to Settings on your device and tap your name at the top. Now scroll down to the bottom till you see the Sign Out option.

Click Sign Out and you will then need to enter your password that is linked with your Apple ID.

After you have entered your password, click the Turn Off option. After that, select the data you would like to keep a copy of on your iPhone and then click Sign Out.

A confirmation message will appear to ensure you want to remove iCloud, if you’re sure, click Sign Out.

Following the above steps should remove your iCloud account from your iPhone/iPad. Once this has effectively been removed, you can then choose to create a new Apple ID or create a new iCloud account.

How to remove iCloud on Mac

First, click on System Preferences in Launchpad and then go to Mail, Contacts & Calendars. Choose iCloud then check the box next to the App if its ticked, if so untick this and it will disable your iCloud account on the Mac.

How to remove iCloud without password

You’re probably wondering how you can remove iCloud without password? This is very simple and the steps below should help you get this removed in no time.

Make sure your device is updated with the latest iOS. If not, got to Settings, General, About – then you can choose to update.

Go to iCloud in the Settings app (this is your iCloud account name at the top of the page) then click on it. Then tap Find my iPhone

Hold down Find My iPhone and then tap delete account whilst holding it down. Three option should then appear, Keep on my iPhone, Delete from my iPhone and Cancel. Tap Delete from my iPhone and then tap Find my iPhone again. When the pop up appears asking for a passcode, tap Cancel.

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