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Prevent your phone from being damaged during this heatwave

By : Elisa Basile   /  

As temperatures continue to rise in the UK and with summer well and truly here, it's estimated that nearly £10,000,000 worth of damage is caused to smartphones during high temperatures!

Here are some heat damage saving tips that can really help keep your smartphone operating at its top level:

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  • Always keep your device out of direct sunlight – exposure to the sun or heat source can damage your smartphone.
  • Smartphones will try to protect the internal components from the sun by attempting to self-regulate its temperature. If you see a heat warning screen, place your device in the shade and avoid placing on charge till it has sufficiently cooled down.
  • Cars can act like greenhouses, trapping in heat and cause temperatures to rapidly rise. Leaving your smartphone in cars for long periods of time, whether in the glove compartment or exposed to the sun can cause severe damage to your battery and the LCD screen.
  • Adjust your brightness settings to the lowest level, remove any apps running in the background and disconnect from any wireless connections. This will reduce the strain on your battery power consumption and allow your smartphone to cool down faster.
  • Just for today, consider removing your phone case, it may be insulating your device and holding in heat.
  • In hot conditions, avoid using apps which use a lot of energy unless absolutely necessary.

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iSmash fix all kinds of devices, tell us about yours and get a free Quote

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