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Best ways to repair your cracked iPhone screen.

By : Elisa Basile   /  

We know very well how frustrating it can be to live with a cracked iPhone screen now that they have become an essential part in our daily lives. We use them to chat with our loved ones, order food, book a taxi, and find the nearest restaurant!

If you landed here, it means you probably have a problem with your iPhone and fancy finding a way to get it sorted. The good news is, we’ve summarised 5 options for you:

1) Head to your Manufacturer

You could get in touch with your handset manufacturer, especially if your device is under warranty. This could also mean that the repair could be carried our free of charge.

Benefit: by choosing your manufacturer, you’ll get genuine parts installed on your device by qualified experts.

Downside: the repair can be expensive and only comes with a 3-month warranty. Depending on which device you have, the repair can be carried out on the same day, but only if you have booked an appointment. This means it will require a bit of planning ahead.


2) Head to your networker provider

Some network providers offer a repair service. If the device is under warranty or has been insured with them, this could be a good option for you….but only if you’re not in a hurry!

Benefits: As with the handset manufacturer option, a great benefit is that you’ll get genuine parts installed by accredited professionals and your warranty won’t be void.

Downside: Because of the points above, the total cost is on the expensive side and only covered by a 3-month warranty. The waiting time can be up to 2 weeks as the device will usually be posted to a centralised repair centre, which for most of us would be major inconvenience.


3) Head to specialists such iSmash

If either the manufacturer or network provider options don’t meet your needs, visiting a tech repair specialist, such as iSmash, might be the best option for you.

iSmash Benefits: We try to suit everyone’s budget by offering 3 screen repair options, including genuine parts. This allows customers to pick the service which suits them the best, get a professional accredited repair carried out by qualified experts, and keep their manufacturer warranty intact. Most of our repairs are done on the same day, while you wait, with an average smartphone repair completed within 30 minutes. We also offer a lifetime warranty option on all our smartphone screen repairs so that our customers have the ultimate peace of mind when leaving our service centres.

iSmash Downside: Although we have over 35 locations and cover 60%+ of the population, we might not have a service centre in your area yet.

4) Head to a local independent

Local independents can also be an option for you if you’re in a hurry and looking for a cheap phone repair.

Benefits: Most of the time, they can complete the repair while you wait, which is very handy if you are desperate for your screen to be fixed. They are also usually competitively priced.

Downside: On the other hand, these repairs usually don’t come with any warranty, and the parts used are typically not genuine, and are typically on the lower end of the quality spectrum.


5) Repair it yourself

Last but not least, you could have a go yourself. We only recommend this option to anyone with previous experience with electronics as this could result in further damage to the device if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Benefits: You can purchase parts and tools online at a lower cost than you would in a store or from your manufacturer. Quality and turnaround time will depend on your skill level.

Downside: if you are not an expert, there is a risk of damaging the device further, or even permanently. As the repair is not supported by any business, you won’t benefit from any warranty coverage.


Now that you have seen them all, we have summarised some pros and cons in a handy table below.

Option The handset Manufacturer Network provider Specialists such as iSmash Local independents Repair it yourself


3 month

3 month


From NO warranty to up to 1 year

not applicable

Turnaround time

Same day (if you have pre-booked)

Up to 2 weeks

While you wait

While you wait

Same day

Parts offered



3 options available to suit your budget, including genuine.

Tipically low quality afermarket

Depends what parts are purchased

Qualified experts






iPhone XS screen replacement



From £100

From £60

Depends what parts are purchased

iPhone XS battery replacement




From £30

Depends what parts are purchased

We suggest choosing wisely according to your priorities and needs.

However, since you are here and you got this far, we want to prize you with a £10 repair voucher to be used against any of our repair services.


Discount code: BLOG10


Book your repair online and quote the discount code once in store to redeem the promotion. Remember, the discount is valid until 31/05/22 and cannot be used in conjuction with any other deal.

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