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How to Restore iPhone from iCloud, iTunes

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Occasionally, the one thing you depend on fails which can leave you in a difficult situation. While technology isn't flawless, it carries our digital existence, so you will want to know how to restore your device and bring it back to life when things go wrong.

What does restore iPhone mean? Restoring your iPhone means wiping the device of all data and resetting to factory settings. If you decide to restore your iPhone, all the data on your device will be lost. If you're having issues with your device and are thinking of restoring, it’s always best to make sure that your data is backed-up is updated before you go ahead with restoring your iPhone. So, how do you restore an iPhone with or without iTunes? Read our instructions below;

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    How to Restore iPhone from iTunes backup

    It is easy to restore an iPhone with iTunes. iTunes can store all data and settings from your device. To ensure backing up your data runs smoothly, make sure that your iTunes is upgraded to the latest version. If you are going to restore your device to Factory Settings, it’s a good idea that your data is backed up firstly.

    Firstly, open the iTunes application on your computer then connect your device.

    • Go to: Select File > Device > Backup then Backup Now from Summary.
    • Using iTunes to backup your device will store all data from your device e.g. photos, media, apps, messages etc. and you can use this option as often as you need.
    • Before wiping your device of data and restoring, ensure all the data you needed to store is on iTunes.
    • To restore your iPhone from iTunes backup, open iTunes > Select Summary > Click Restore Backup. Then choose the backup you would like to backup from. You will need to confirm that you would like to restore your iPhone: Click Restore.

    How to Restore iPhone from iCloud

    It is easy to restore an iPhone with iCloud. iCloud makes it easy to store data and then restore it when you switch to a newer iOS device.

    • To Restore your iPhone from iCloud backup, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

    Make sure to update your iOS is updated to the latest software before backing up your device and restoring. To back up your data to iCloud, follow the below steps.

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    • Tap Settings > (your name) > iCloud
    • For iOS 10.2 or earlier, Go to > Settings > Scroll down to iCloud
    • Go to iCloud Backup
    • For iOS 10.2 or earlier, make sure iCloud Backup is turned on
    • Then tap, Backup Now.
    • Once this is completed, it is useful to double check that the backup was successful. To do this: Go to: Settings > (your name) > iCloud Storage > Manage Storage.

    To reset your device, Go to Settings on your iPhone > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.

    To restore your iPhone using the iCloud backup:

    • Use the Apps & Data option > Restore from iCloud backup and then sign into your iCloud.
    • Go to: Choose Backup. A list will then appear of available iCloud backups.

    How to Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

    Restoring your iPhone to Factory Settings will remove all data and content from your device, so before you go ahead and click the Restore button, it is useful to ensure that your data is backed up!

    • Launch Settings on your iPhone > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.
    • Then you will need to enter your passcode if one is set.
    • Tap "Erase iPhone".

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