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How to backup contacts on iPhone?

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Ready to switch to a new phone but are unsure of how to backup all of your contacts? If you are an iPhone user, it’s a good idea to make sure that your data is backed up regularly to prevent this being lost.

Your contacts are probably the most important part of your iPhone and maybe the only part that you will want to ensure is backed up.

To ensure you're contacts are protected, we will guide you through some options in how to backup contacts on iPhone.

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  • How to backup iPhone contacts using iTunes
  • How to backup iPhone contacts using iCloud
  • How to backup iPhone automatically to iCloud

  • How to backup iPhone contacts using iTunes

    Your iPhone contacts can be easily backed up using iTunes. Using the option with backing up your iPhone to iTunes is that you can backup and store your data and you can also use this to restore if you decide to change your phone.

    For Windows 10, download iTunes using the internet browser.

    To back up your phone using iTunes, you will need to have access to a computer. Then you will need to connect your phone to the computer either using WiFi or a USB cable.

    Firstly, open the iTunes application on your computer then connect your device.

    Go to: Select File > Device > Backup then Backup Now from Summary.

     Using iTunes to backup your device will store all data on your device e.g. photos, media, apps, messages etc. and you can use this option as often as you need.

     Although iTunes is a free option of storing your data there are few things to consider whilst using this method.

  • This is a manual method. The backup is not automatic and you will need to use the use the same process as above, frequently in order for your backup to be up-to-date. If you decide to use this method to backup your iPhone, you will need to remember to keep doing this!
  • Your computer should have enough storage to store your iPhone data.


    How to backup iPhone using iCloud

    iCloud allows you your data to be automatically updated whenever your iPhone is connected to WiFi which makes for saving all your contacts a lot easier. But, for your iPhone to save all your data, you will need to make sure that your storage is upgraded-and this comes at a cost.

    The iPhone comes with free 5GB of storage. For 50GB of stored data, Apple charge £0.79p a month. For 200GB its £2.49 a month and 2TB is £6.99 a month.

    To upgrade your storage, Go to: Settings > Your iCloud account (your name at the top of the page) > iCloud > Manage Storage > iCloud Storage and Upgrade.

    To backup your iPhone using iCloud, Firstly: connect your device to a stable WiFi network.

    Tap Settings > (your name) > iCloud

    For iOS 10.2 or earlier, Go to > Settings > Scroll down to iCloud

    Go to iCloud Backup

    For iOS 10.2 or earlier, make sure iCloud Backup is turned on

    Then tap, Backup Now.

    Once this is completed, it is useful to double check that the backup was successful. To do this: Go to: Settings > (your name) > iCloud Storage > Manage Storage.

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    You will then see details of the last backup, for example: the date and time of the backup will appear also the backup size.

    How to Backup iPhone automatically to iCloud

    Firstly, your iCloud will need to be turned on in Settings > (your name) > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

    Either, connect your device to a power source or a stable WiFi connection, make sure your device is locked and ensure that you have enough storage available for the backup!

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