Battery Replacements

Battery Replacements for your Smartphone

If your smartphone is starting to feel sluggish or the battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, it might be time for a battery replacement. Mobile phone batteries do begin to weaken over time, so to get the most out of your phone, you should change your iPhone battery and have your battery renewed when you notice it draining faster than usual.
When it comes to sourcing and installing a replacement battery, iSmash are the experts. We only use high quality batteries that have been tested to get your phone's power back up to maximum capacity. We understand that your phone is an essential part of your life, and carrying round a power bank all day is not ideal, which is why we offer a same day service.
At iSmash we service almost all smartphone devices, from Samsung Galaxy's to iPhone 13s, our wide range of stock means we can improve your battery health (almost) instantly. So, if your phone needs a new lease of life, chat to iSmash in-store today.

Why it is important to replace your battery?

Over time, the capacity of phone batteries deteriorates, leaving you in a constant state of charging your phone.
For the average phone user, the lifespan of smartphone battery is normally around 2 years. With age, devices do get slower and batteries die a lot quicker. However, there are ways for you to try to get every last bit out of your smartphone's battery life before you have to replace it with a new one.
Nobody wants to walk around with a dead battery. If your phone is struggling to maintain a high screen brightness, is dying after just a short period of time or isn't running at optimal performance, it's probably time for a new battery.

How to tell if your battery needs replacing?

Knowing when to replace your battery is key in enjoying your smartphone experience. At the end of the day, why have a phone that constantly dies and can't be used.
Most modern smartphones will display their current capacity in settings. On most device types and phone models, you can find this in settings – battery health. However, for some Android phones, you may need to download an app such as AccuBattery.
Apple recommends changing your iPhones battery once its maximum capacity reaches 80%. Whereas most android devices suggest replacing your battery after 300-500 charge cycles, this is typical after two years of charging your phone.

What are the costs of replacing an iPhone Battery or having an iPhone battery replacement?

The overall total cost of an iPhone battery replacement depends on your device. Newer devices cost more to replace an iPhone battery than it would in older models. This is due to there being multiple parts available for older models.

Few warning signs which may indicate that your device needs a new battery

Your screen starts show anomalies

Your phone becomes very slow

Your phone shuts downs and reboots automatically

Your applications repeatedly crash

Your phone overheats without you using it often

Your battery doesn’t last the whole day

Why choose iSmash?

Express repais

Battery replacements starting from 30 minutes.

12-month warranty

All our battery replacements come with a 12-month warranty.

Quality parts

We only use the best available parts, (five-point quality control check).

Qualified engineers

Our Techs are fully qualified & trained to provide you the best standard.

Five-star service

We pride ourselves with over 1 Million happy customers.


Repairing VS buying new is a better choice for your pocket & the planet.

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