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Is Your Phone Getting in the Way of Your Workout Goals?

By : Jovita Gomes   /  


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Are you on track with your Healthy New Year Habits? If not, don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe it’s your phone that isn’t helping you achieve your new goals!

Do you feel like your phone is letting you down while you’re on the run or trying to keep fit and healthy? Does your phone often die unexpectedly? Or your phone has issues but you aren’t sure why? Or you may just need protection for your phone so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and damaging your screen.

We have a listed a few tips for you below that will help you get your phone fit enough so you cannot be held back by your phone anymore and achieve your goals!

Phone Performance


Don’t let your battery run out while you’re running! Get your battery health checked

Is your battery performing as well as you are? If you aren’t sure on how well your iPhone performance is then visit one of our iSmash stores to get a free battery health check, doing this will help you decide how well your phone can hold its charge. We have 29 stores across the UK, click here to find out which store is the closest to you.

Get your phone Dock Serviced

Do you get a ‘Accessory not supported message’? Perhaps your finding that your charging cable appears to be loose, which means it could have collected some dust and some moisture overtime.

Dust and other small fragments can easily get into your charging dock, lucky for you iSmash offers a charging dock service! For just £10, our expert technicians will get your phone serviced in less than 10 minutes! So, you can get your phone up and running with you!

Not sure what’s wrong? Get your phone diagnosed

Are you experiencing issues with your camera, charging port, audio or maybe even signal issues? Our expert technicians can diagnose your device if you aren’t sure what is wrong with it, they will test all components of your device to assess the functionality and determine the causes as to why your phone isn’t working as working as expected. The standard fee to get your phone diagnosed is £20 which is done within 24hours. Our team will then give you a report on what is wrong with your phone and a quote on how much it would cost to get this repaired.

Phone Protection


If there is nothing wrong with your phone, there’s a few things you can do to make sure nothing damages your phone and using the functions that help you to achieve your phone goals easier.

Screen Protector

The first thing you need to make sure is you protect your screen while you’re at the gym or out on a run to prevent scratches to your screen, having a screen protector also enhances your phone’s touch which will make it easier for you to use all the features. At iSmash we provide screen protectors for many devices and models, pop in to our iSmash store to get your screen protector starting from £15.

We also have recently created a Screen Protector for Life service. For just £10 extra, when you purchase your iSmash Screen Protector, in the event that it breaks, just drop in to any one of our stores and we will be delighted to replace it for free. How cool is that?! Click here to find out more.

Get a case!

Getting a case for your phone is important as it protects your phone externally, it isn’t cheap to get your screen repaired! But having a case could help you save money. Having a case also provides grip for your phone as most smartphones have sleek designs which means it can easily slip out of your hand. Here at iSmash we have a variety of cases, we stock cases from leading brands like Otterbox and XQISIT in different colours. So, head over to one of our 29 stores to get your phone protected as soon as possible.

Wireless Wins


Wireless earphones

There are many pros for having wireless headphones, especially while working out, here are a few reasons why having wireless headphones is helpful:

  • Wired headphone limit how much you can move around, by getting wireless headphones you can move freely while you are working out.
  • You can use them to connect to multiple devices with Bluetooth
  • They are rechargeable and can work for hours.

At iSmash we have various wireless headphones available, our most popular brand is Apple AirPods, Urbanista and XQISIT which works on many devices and provide a total of 14 hours playtime! Our range starts from £35.


Fitness Apps

Smartphones nowadays have so many different apps for almost everything, one of the most useful types of app is the fitness apps, it could save you money by replacing the amount you spend on your gym membership! Here are the top free apps recommended by us:

30-day Ab Challenge 
This app has everything you need to start your workout journey slowly with a mixture of sit-ups, crunches planks and loads more!

Still not working? Our expert technicians can help

iSmash fix all kinds of devices, tell us about yours and get a free Quote
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Couch to 5k
This is an NHS app which promises to help you get your goal within 9 weeks! It is an app for running, all you need is to get your sneakers on and go!
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Nike Training Club
According to standard, this app is one of the best free work out app out there, with over 185 workouts to get fit by focusing on different muscle groups and workout types as well as your ability!
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