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iPhone not charging? Here’s How to fix it.

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Looking to fix an iPhone that won't charge? Our iSmash experts give the low-down on the most common charging problems and how to combat them in this quick troubleshooting guide.

What should I do if my iPhone isn’t charging?

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Why won't my iPhone Charge?

1. No electricity

Before you ring the alarm, check if the socket is switched on or try a different plug socket. It’s an obvious one, but one that comes across quite often (!), so always check if electricity is actually flowing when you plug in your Apple device.

2. Issues with charging components

This is a very common issue. As we keep our iPhones in our pockets or handbags and our lighting cables travel with us too, they can get damaged quite easily. Whether it’s a crumb stuck in your charging port or a broken lightning connector, even a small amount of damage can prevent your iPhone from charging, so make sure you take good care of your device and accessories.

3. Water damage

If your iPhone gets wet, it can cause charging issues. Why? The charging port is one of the few places that has exposed electrical components, so there is a lot of potential for corrosion.

Not sure how to check if your iPhone has water damage? Check out our iPhone water damage guide.

4. Software issues

It’s down to the version of iOS on your device to determine whether it needs charging as it manages the battery health. If you’re experiencing software issues or your newly updated iOS wasn’t installed properly, your device might fail to charge, even if there's no physical damage.

5. Overheating

Is your battery stuck at 80%? According to Apple, if the battery gets too warm, iOS might limit charging above 80% until your device cools down.

Why Is My iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working?

First, make sure that you can charge your phone with the normal USB adapter that came with your iPhone to rule out general charging issues.

Next, follow the three tips below to make sure everything is setup correctly:

  • Apple uses Qi standard for its wireless charging, so make sure you’re using a Qi-certified charger.
  • Some iPhone cases can interfere with wireless charging, so it’s best to take the case off of your iPhone.
  • Ensure you place your iPhone on the charger at the center-most location (with the display facing up).
  • Check whether the charging pad is properly connected to the socket.
  • Have a look at the USB port for any dirt particles.
  • Try to restart your iPhone.
  • Ensure your iOS is up to date.

If the above steps haven’t resolved your issues, then contact iSmash or book an iPhone repair.

How to fix iPhone not Charging?

1. Force restart your iPhone

Not sure how to perform a hard reset? Go to our iPhone restart guide and check the detailed instructions for each iPhone model. Remember to hold the button combinations for 20-30 seconds as sometimes it can take a while before an iPhone restarts.

2. Test different power sources

If the forced restart hasn’t helped, try charging your phone using different power sources. Start off with a USB wall adapter, connect your iPhone and plug the adapter into the wall.

If your iPhone won't charge, try to plug it into your computer (while it’s on). If this works then you might be dealing with a faulty wall adapter. Get another adapter from your friends or family.

If this works then simply buy a new adapter.

3. Check for debris or damage

If you’ve ruled out any adapter issues, it’s time to examine all of the other charging components. Have a look into your charging port (a flashlight might come in handy) and check the lightning connector for any crumbs or debris.

If anything is stuck in the port, find a small brush (a dry toothbrush or paintbrush will do) and use it to get rid of the debris. Make sure you are gentle when trying to extract the debris (definitely don’t use tweezers), to avoid damage delicate pins and components.

If you can’t get the debris out, visit your nearest iSmash store and ask for assistance or replacement parts.

4. Try the DFU Mode

If you’re 100% positive that the problem is down to software, you can try restoring your iPhone via the DFU mode (Device Firmware Update.)

Whilst there are plenty of detailed instructions on how to enter the DFU mode, we’d recommend this solution only if you feel very comfortable with tech as it can take a while to enter/exit the mode and you can get stuck too.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle, we’d recommend getting in touch with a specialist at this stage - they can troubleshoot this for you whilst you’re at work or shopping.

5. Get one of our iSmash technicians to troubleshoot it for you

If you have attempted all of the troubleshooting steps described in this article and are still experiencing charging issues, or you’re simply too busy for DIY solutions, please visit your nearest iSmash store.

Our technicians have a lot of experience with Apple devices and can quickly diagnose the issue and fix it. Whether it’s due to water damage or a faulty charging dock, our experts would love to help.

We have 25+ stores in the UK (including London, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, and Brighton), but if you can’t find an iSmash store nearby, you can post your device to us and we will fix it in our Repair Centre.

Why won’t my newly replaced battery charge?

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iSmash fix all kinds of devices, tell us about yours and get a free Quote

If you installed a new battery yourself or at a poor-quality high-street shop, it’s possible that it wasn’t installed properly. If this is the case, you'll get a message that your iPhone is unable to determine battery health and your best option is to visit a specialist repair shop like iSmash to get your battery serviced by an accredited technician.

If your battery was installed by a specialist, there are chances that the battery wasn’t the culprit of your charging issues, so check out the steps above to see if you can eliminate potential problems.

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