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Android phone keeps restarting – How to Fix?

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One of the most frustrating problems Android users may face is when their device randomly reboots itself. Your phone could be working fine and then you find yourself staring at your phone which is stuck on reboot loop and you may not know what to do next.
Why is my phone restarting? This is the first question you’re probably thinking of if you’ve found yourself in a situation with a phone that just won’t stay on. There could be a number of possibilities why your device is looping:

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  • Hardware damaged – if you’ve recently suffered a cracked screen, this could have affected your device internally.
  • Third Party apps – using third-party apps can corrupt the software on your device
  • High CPU frequency – this can be a potential logic board issue
A diagnosis will detect any of the above issues your device may be experiencing, however, we have listed some helpful tips and tricks below so you can potentially solve this issue fast.

How to fix an Android phone that is on a reboot loop?

  1. Third Party Apps
  2. Safe Mode
  3. Recovery Mode
  4. Hardware repair

Third Party Apps

If your device keeps randomly restarting, in some cases may mean that poor quality apps on the phone are the issue. Uninstalling third-party apps can potentially be the solution. You may have an app running in the background that is causing your phone to restart. If this the case, follow these steps!
  • Menu > Settings > My Apps. Upgrade all of your existing apps to ensure they are on the latest version.
  • Settings > More > Applications > Running. This will show you any background apps that are running and if you see any third-party apps, be sure to uninstall them.
If this doesn’t solve the problem, try our tips below!

Safe mode

Entering safe mode will let you know if third-party apps are the cause of the issue, if your device is working fine in safe mode, this is probably the answer why.
To use safe mode, you will firstly need to power off the device then hold the power button. When you see the make/model appear on your screen, hold down the volume button until you see Safe Mode appear on the bottom corner of your screen. When you exit safe mode (holding the power button and pressing restart), delete all third-party apps.

Recovery mode

If your device is not working in safe mode, the next step would be to try rebooting the device in recovery mode. Make sure that your data is backed up using Android Data Extraction as the below steps may result in loss of data.

Firstly, power off the device holding the volume button up, home button and power button at the same time. When you feel the phone vibrate, release the power button till you see Android System Recovery appear on your screen. The release all buttons and you will then be able to factory reset the device and clear all CACHE data.

  • Wipe Cache data from your device – use the volume up button to select Wipe Cache Partition and then press the power button to confirm. All Cache data will then be removed from your phone. After this is done, exit recovery mode by choosing Reboot System now. If your device is still in a reboot loop, enter the recovery mode again so you can factory reset the device.
  • Factory Reset – restoring your device to factory settings may be the key to solving the issue that is causing your phone to loop. However, this will mean that all data that is currently on your device will be wiped, so it’s best to back this up beforehand. To factory reset your Android, put the phone into recovery mode using the steps above, and select wipe data/factory reset. Exit recovery mode and the rebooting issue should now be solved.

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Hardware repair

If you have tried out all of the tips above and this has not resolved the issue, your Android may have a hardware problem that will need to be assessed by our expert technicians in store!

But, before visiting us, it is helpful to ensure that you are within warranty with Samsung. They may be able to solve this issue for you! If you still have a warranty with Samsung, repairs may be free, however, if your warranty has ended, this will cost. To check your warranty, we would recommend checking where you purchased your device from.

If your warranty with Samsung has ended, visit us in one of our stores where our team can assess your device. We would suggest running a diagnostics on your phone initially to ensure issue lies with your hardware. During our diagnostics assessment, our skilled technicians will test all components of your device to assess their functionality and determine the causes as to why your Samsung is unresponsive/restarting. This is a standard fee of £20 and the process can take up to 48 hours. Our team will then quote you on the cost of repair, once this is completed.

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Once we have run a diagnostic on your device to find out which components need to be replaced, we will then contact you to let you know the costs and if you would like the repair to be completed!

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