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5 Common Ways Customers Broke their Phone

By : Ali Ergal   /  

Most Common Smartphone Accidents to watch out for

As the leading phone repair and customisation service, we hear a lot of interesting stories on phone breakages. We have listed 5 most common ways customers have broken their mobile phones. 

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1) In the toilet

In the toilet broke phoneNo one likes to flush money down the toilet, but it seems consumers are accident prone to do just that with their mobile. Almost half of all mobiles that have suffered water damage is due to an incident involving the toilet. (Remember to wash your hands!)

2) Cats

cats broke phoneThat's right, the feline vandal can often be the culprit in breaking your beloved phone. Cats enjoy nothing more than knocking anything precious off your table or windowsill, with your phone being no exception. Why do cats commit this wanton act of destruction? "Veterinarian Dr. Ellen Whiteley says that If your cat is bored or if she wants to alert you to the fact that it’s feeding time, then a surefire way to get your attention is to do what has proven to work in the past. And that means anything that’s not nailed down like a phone may end up crashing to the floor."

3) In the washing machine

washing machine broke phoneYou've had a hard day in the office, all you want to do is strip off for bed and discard your clothes into the wash. But be sure to always check your back pockets for passengers before loading up the drum! (Judging by the number of people that seem to use their phone on the toilet, it's probably a good thing that phones commonly take a ride in the washing machine)

4) Dropped in the tub

in the tub broke phoneOriginally it was those romantic novels or the morning paper, but we've become so dependent on our phones, that we can't even take a "relaxing" bath without checking our Facebook feed or playing CandyCrush. Soap, water, and mobiles make a bad trio!

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5) Fell off the car top

car top broke phoneYou were searching for your keys, placed the phone on the top of your car, forgot about it and drove off......Whoops... Have any of these incidents happened to you?

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