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iPhone Screen not working - How to fix it?

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If you find yourself clawing at your iPhone because your screen is not working, don’t panic just yet. iPhone screen not working properly is a very common and resolvable issue. Our experts at iSmash have outlined why your iPhone screen is not working, and what you can do to fix it.

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Why is my iPhone screen not working?

How to unlock unresponsive iPhone screen?

How to fix unresponsive iPhone screen?

I've tried everything but my iPhone screen is still not working.

Why is my iPhone screen not working?

Our experts have narrowed down some of the most common reasons for your iPhone screen not working:

Using cheap screen replacements

If you've had problems with a faulty screen before, it's very easy to get lured by corner shop retailers with promises to replace your iPhone screen for a very cheap price. Unfortunately, most of these components are second-grade and replaced by unqualified technicians, and it may very well prevent you from enjoying your iPhone experience. If you are finding it a struggle to swipe through your photos or check your emails because of a sub-standard iPhone screen, our experts at iSmash are certified to deal with this issue and will replace your screen using the best iPhone screens available on the market.

Liquid Damage

Considering 1 in 5 people drop their iPhone in the toilet, liquid damage is as common as the cold. Even a small drop of liquid can disturb the iPhone's interface and damage the iPhone's screen. If you do feel like your iPhone has been exposed to liquid recently, here is a guide from our experts at iSmash in managing the liquid damage.

Software issues

The most common software issues you might experience are from an error in updating the operating system, having an older version, limited storage, downloading a buggy app or from you jailbreaking your OS on iPhone.

Pro tip: Avoid jailbreaking your iPhone at all cost. The drawback outweighs the benefits. Also if you have a 1-year guarantee with Apple, this will be rescinded if you've jailbroken your iPhone. And always check for iPhone updates, they don't just update operating systems for a better interface, they also do it to clear any bugs in the OS.

Hardware damage

Sometimes if you iPhone has taken a heavy drop e.g. falls out of your pocket whilst cycling, your screen might have survived scrapes; however, the internal hardware may have been damaged causing your iPhone touchscreen not to work.

iPhone screen not working while charging

If you're an owner of an iPhone 5/s, you may find that this problem is exclusive to you! This issue has been discussed widely by proud owners of the iPhone 5/s. The problem is the electrostatic current/charging/grounding whilst using the charger. If you have a leather or silicone case, remove it whilst charging your phone. If you also are using a fake iPhone charger, it's time to change it immediately or resume using an iPhone screen that won't swipe!

Screen not working on one side

It's really funny how many factors can result in this issue. It can be from either hardware issues like dropped iPhone, smashed screen and liquid damaged; or software issues from jailbreak or issues with updating the iPhone.

How to unlock an unresponsive iPhone ?

Whilst not being able to use your iPhone screen might be stressful enough, you might be thinking, how do I unlock an unresponsive iPhone?

Sometimes this might just be a technical glitch and easily resolvable. You can try calling your iPhone with another phone, hopefully breaking it free of its frozen state; or you can restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the top button on your iPhone 8 and below until the slider disappears; or if you have an iPhone X, you have to press the side and volume buttons together until the slider closes.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, then here is an article that can help you with different ways to reset your iPhone.

How to fix unresponsive iPhone screen?

Clean your screen

Clean your screen! This might seem like a simple resolution; however, it's not uncommon for people to get their screen messy with grease from food, dirt or a fizzy drink. This obviously causes the iPhone screen to be less responsive. So, sometimes an iPhone screen just needs a simple clean; it's best to use screen cleaners specifically designed for mobiles.

Software repair

Hard reset, DFU mode, and recovery modes are all ways you can restart your operating system, this is a good way to clean your device's software, and hopefully, resolve any issues with the iPhone screen not working. Read our 'iPhone stuck on the Apple logo' guide to find out how to perform these resets.

Free up space on your iPhone. Think of an iPhone like a brain, when you've been overfed information, your brain gets lethargic and slow, the same is with your iPhone. So don't be surprised to get a slower screen performance, if you have thousands of selfies you 'forgot' to delete.

Calibrating Touch Screen Sensitivity

The wonderful advancement in tech does not mean they get less annoying. There have been many other iPhone users (iPhone 6 and beyond), who have found the iPhone sensitivity to be a nuisance. So how can the iPhone adapt to your tempo?

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  • Open settings.
  • Tap General > Accessibility.
  • Scroll to 3D touch.
  • You can switch the sensitivity levels from light to firm; the former the sensitivity the more touch pressure required to use the iPhone screen.

I've tried everything, but my iPhone screen is still not working

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, yet still cannot get your iPhone to work, then there are a couple of things you can do.

  • You can take your iPhone to the Apple store. Providing you are within your 1-year guarantee, you can get your iPhone replaced (except for liquid damage) or fixed by Apple specialists.
  • You can book a iPhone screen repair appointment online and bring your iPhone into one of our stores and our experts will be more than happy to help.

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