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5 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do!

By : Ali Ergal   /  

The iPhone, like most Smartphones, has A LOT of features, we all know that! But I bet you there are some hidden gems that you didn't even know existed and some are actually pretty useful to know!

Some of you may know of these already, but if you don't, check out these 5 little tips to get the most out of your iPhone:

1.  Double tap shift key for caps lock

We all love putting some words in caps to really make a point!

Here's a quick way to do it > Just double tap the shift button. If this isn't working, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and make sure Caps Lock is turned on.

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2. Burst photos 

Sometimes it is hard capturing the perfect photo right? With burst photos, you can capture a series multiple photos at a time so you can select the best one > Just hold down the capture button.

3. Timestamps on messages 

When you're deep in conversations, sometimes its good to know what time certain messages were sent. You can check the time every single message was sent by simply swiping your messages to the left.

4. Taking photos with Earbuds

Most people don't know this, but it's actually a really neat trick! Align your camera to how you want and use the earbud buttons to take your snaps! Simples!

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5. Faster charging with AirPlane mode 

Most of you probably know about this trick, but in case you don't, simply switching your phone to Airplane plane mode while on charge will speed up the charge significantly. Give it a try!

Hope some of these tips will help guys! Let me know if you have any others to share!

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