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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, a cutting-edge smartphone that seamlessly integrates innovation and style. Elevate your mobile experience with these five key features:

  1. Vibrant Infinity Display: Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Galaxy S23 Plus' expansive Infinity Display. With stunning clarity and vibrant colors, every video, photo, and app comes to life, providing an unparalleled visual feast.

  2. Revolutionary Camera System: Capture moments like never before with the revolutionary camera system of the Galaxy S23 Plus. Equipped with advanced imaging technology, it effortlessly transforms your snapshots into masterpieces, ensuring every detail is vividly preserved.

  3. Lightning-Fast 5G Connectivity: Stay ahead of the curve with the Galaxy S23 Plus' lightning-fast 5G connectivity. Stream, download, and connect at unprecedented speeds, ensuring you're always in the fast lane of the digital highway.

  4. Powerful Performance: Unleash the full potential of your smartphone with the Galaxy S23 Plus' powerful performance. Whether you're multitasking, gaming, or running demanding apps, the device's robust hardware ensures smooth and efficient operation.

  5. Long-Lasting Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout the day with the Galaxy S23 Plus' long-lasting battery life. Bid farewell to constant charging as you power through your day, confident that your device can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Refurbished is not the same thing as used or second-hand. Renewed devices are held to rigorous quality guidelines that ensure every item we sell runs like new. The refurbishment process we adhere to includes meticulously cleaning, testing, and assessing every item, as well as replacing aging parts with high-quality new components. Meanwhile, with secondhand or used items, you’re left to the private seller or marketplaces good word as to their true condition, and with no guarantee or warranty.

If your device stops working and has not experienced any accidental or liquid damage, we'll replace it for free. Your new device warranty continues for the remainder of your 12 months from date of the initial purchase. Batteries may need replacing depending on natural usage and charging (much like tyres on a used car) but if your battery capacity falls below 80% in the first 30 days, we'll replace it, no questions asked.

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