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Here at iSmash we know how much people rely on their mobiles, and how frustrating it is when you need a screen repair or your device is out of action either through accidental damage or a fault. We offer while you wait diagnosis and repair for all things Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015, 2016, 2017), so whether yours has a damaged LCD screen and needs a repair or replacement, come and speak with our expert tech specialists who will be able to help.

Just book an appointment with iSmash using our simple booking system - just select your device, the issue and choose a store - and we will repair your Galaxy A3 while you wait. Many of our repairs are complete in around half an hour so, by the time you've nipped out to grab a coffee and come back, your device will nearly be ready for you. All our parts are the highest quality so you can be confident that we're the trusted repair experts.

With a growing number of stores, plus options to wait while we repair in addition to posting your Galaxy A3 to us, iSmash are the experts who can help get your mobile, mobile again.

Please be advised that if your Samsung device was purchased outside of the UK, parts may not be readily available for repair. Please contact us to find out.

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FAQs About the Samsung Galaxy A3

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked around Samsung Galaxy A3 - select your issue and see what we can do for you.

I have a cracked Samsung Galaxy A3 screen - do I need a replacement?

While a cracked or shattered touchscreen can remain functional, we don't recommend leaving your Galaxy A3 screen cracked for a long period of time. The two problems with this are:
1. the screen can continue to deteriorate and risk embedding splinters of glass in your fingers and
2. a cracked screen means the device is no longer sealed, so dirt, dust and water particles are more likely to gain access to the inner workings of the Galaxy A3 and cause further damage. With this in mind, we recommend contacting us to replace your Samsung Galaxy A3 screen even if it is currently functional. We will fit a new screen while you wait in one of our stores.

I dropped my Galaxy A3 in the sink. I got it out quickly so think it will be ok. What should I do?

The golden rule when it comes to waterlogged mobile devices is to turn them off immediately - don't be tempted to switch it on to check if it's working. This can cause short circuits and electrical damage. It's a bit of a myth about putting your phone in a bag of rice or the airing cupboard too - the rice can cause problems with dust entering the device and the hot air in the cupboard can cause corrosion.
Simply turn your water damaged Galaxy A3 off, take off any cases and leave it in a dry place for at least 48 hours to allow the moisture to dry out. If it doesn't switch on after that, bring it to iSmash for diagnosis - we will run checks on the components and see if we can salvage the device.
Please be aware that water damage can manifest itself a long time after the initial dunking, due to internal damage caused by corrosion.

My Samsung Galaxy A3 battery isn't holding its charge. Do I need a replacement?

Try the following steps to see if you can resolve the issue yourself without having to fit a new battery. 
1. Force close all apps.
2. Uninstall any apps that you have recently downloaded.
3. Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi (when not connected to a network), and Bluetooth.
4. Lower the screen brightness.
5. Drain the battery completely.
6. Turn the Galaxy A3 off and charge it for 12 hours.
7. Turn the device on and check if the battery life is better than before.
If your Galaxy A3 is still dying too quickly with normal use, contact iSmash and we will undertake a full component diagnostic to determine the issue. If necessary, we can replace the Galaxy A3 battery while you wait in store.

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