Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

I've cracked the screen of my Samsung Galaxy A3 but it is still working fine. Should I bother getting it fixed?

There are thousands of devices with cracked screens in use all around the UK, and it's true that many people don't fix them for weeks or even months. In the end though, people end up having to either fix the issue or even replace th entire device. Why is this? The issue is that, while touchscreens can continue to function when cracked or partly shattered, as long as the circuitry underneath is sound, the broken screen means that the device is no longer sealed to the elements. The knock on effect of this is that water, dust and grit is able to get into the unit and that is what causes the real damage. Our advice is to have your Galaxy A3 screen repair undertaken as soon as you can. Contact iSmash and we can replace the screen while you wait in one of our growing network of stores.

The battery of my Samsung Galaxy A3 isn't holding charge. Does it need to be replaced?

Try the following steps to see if you can resolve the issue yourself without having to fit a new battery.
1. Force close all apps.
2. Uninstall any apps that you have recently downloaded.
3. Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi (when not connected to a network), and Bluetooth.
4. Lower the screen brightness.
5. Drain the battery completely.
6. Turn the Galaxy A3 off and charge it for 12 hours.
7. Turn the device on and check if the battery life is better than before.
If your Galaxy A3 is still dying too quickly with normal use, contact iSmash and we will undertake a full component diagnostic to determine the issue. If necessary, we can replace the Galaxy A3 battery while you wait in store.

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