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iPhone 6s Screen Replacement & Other Repairs

iPhone 6s Repairs

If your iPhone 6s gets damaged, whether the screen is cracked, your battery is draining at a rapid rate, or perhaps you may have dropped it in water? You'll want this repaired, so your phone is as good as new in no time... Read More +

iPhone 6s Screen Replacement & Other Repairs

If your iPhone 6s gets damaged, whether the screen is cracked, your battery is draining at a rapid rate, or perhaps you may have dropped it in water? You'll want this repaired, so your phone is as good as new in no time. At iSmash, we're dedicated to offering efficient repairs with an express turnaround, with our iPhone 6s screen replacement taking just around 30 minutes.

The iPhone 6s is a large device which can easily fall out of your hands and hit the ground as its sleek and slippery. With the same size and design as the iPhone 6, the 6s launched with amazing innovation. From 3D Touch to a 12-megapixel camera with the live photo feature being introduced providing Apple users with 1.5 seconds of movement before the screenshot, the 6s reached new levels of creative technology.

No matter how small the crack, the whole screen will need to be replaced as the glass screen and LCD/digitizer comes as one complete unit and are pre-bonded together. We also offer 30-minute turnaround for iPhone 6s battery replacement or to fix camera issues. Be assured that all the parts we use are of the highest quality and we even offer a lifetime warranty with our iPhone 6s screen repairs. Whatever your iPhone 6s repair needs are, get in touch with us and we'll be able to help. Need an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus repair instead? To book an appointment, simply choose a date, time and an iSmash store near you in London or UK nationwide.

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FAQs About the iPhone 6s Repairs

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked around iPhone 6s Repairs - select your issue and see what we can do for you.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 6s screen?

In the UK Apple charges £152.44 for iPhone 6s screen replacements (without AppleCare+). With AppleCare+ you'll be charged £25. If you decide to replace your iPhone 6s screen at a trusted hi-tech repair shop, like iSmash, you can save over £90, with prices starting from £60.

My iPhone 6s screen isn't responding - do I need a screen repair?

Let's look into some ways to resolve the issue without having to undergo a screen repair or replacement. As with other common issues, a hard reset can sometimes clear faults or bugs. Although you shouldn’t do this regularly, it can work as a last resort. Carry out a hard reset by holding down the power and home buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds.
If this doesn't work, it may be a problem with the hardware as opposed to the software. If you’ve recently dropped your phone, this could be the underlying issue - even if there is no damage apparent on visual inspection. A repair to the circuitry behind the screen might resolve the issue, or it might be the case that an iPhone 6s replacement screen is necessary - iSmash can help determine this and undertake the repair for you.

My iPhone 6s has water damage...what should I do?

Water damage is more serious than it may seem, even if you’ve scooped your iPhone 6s up and there appears to be no problems. It might continue to work for a few weeks or months, but the water will compromise the parts and gradually corrode them. Even putting your iPhone in rice, or on a radiator will delay the inevitable.
Once the water is in, you need to get your iPhone 6s seen to as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more time the water has to do damage. Turn your phone off to stop any power from running through the water and damaging the hardware. Bring it into iSmash, and have one of our certified technicians take a look at the damage and resolve any problems.

My iPhone 6s camera isn’t working properly.

Quite often iPhone 6s camera problems are quick to fix. There’s usually a software issue going on behind the scenes that is causing the annoyance. Use a lint-free cloth to remove any dust from the screen. Even the smallest speck can cause an issue.
If your photos are still blurry, resort to IT Support 101 and turn your iPhone 6s off and on again. Next, check for and install any software updates. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you should consider a factory reset (making sure you have all your content backed up first).
If, after all that, your iPhone 6s camera still isn’t working, get in touch with us here at iSmash and we’ll diagnose and look into resolving the issue for you the same day.

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