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Benefits of buying refurb from iSmash

iSmash have repaired over 1m devices and have used our expertise to refurbish pre-owned Apple iPhones so they’re Renewed, giving you that new phone feeling.

Good for your pocket
Save up to 40% compared to buying new
Good for
our planet
Manufacturing a new smartphone produces about 87kg of CO2e. Renewed? Just 7kg
Every device passes our 32 point quality check to ensure it works like new
No contracts, no fuss, your device will work on any UK network
12 Month
Just like you’d expect from a new phone. Any issues and we’ll replace your phone.

Good for your pocket.

Good for the planet.

We make each phone carbon neutral by paying to offset its lifetime emissions and plant 1 tree for each phone sold.

  • Refurbished iPhones create 7kg of carbon emissions (91% lower than buying new)
  • One mature tree can offset 10-40kg of CO2e every year
  • Ecologi help us compensate for carbon emissions and fund climate projects
  • Ecologi have planted 41.9m trees and helped remove 1.8m tonnes of CO2e
  • Ecologi believe in transparency and will show you where your tree has been planted
x1 every phone sold

iSmash quality check

Each device has every component tested against our 32-point inspection process to ensure full functionality and quality for our customers. We replace any component that is not optimal and give the device a full aesthetic clean before installing the latest operating system. A final quality check is completed with an industry leading diagnostic software before being prepared for dispatch.





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