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Any damage to your iPad Air 2 can leave you in frustration, maybe your screen has suffered a crack or perhaps you're finding it impossible to connect to Wi-Fi? At iSmash, we're dedicated to providing our customers with an express turnaround high-quality repair, so you are not left long without your device.

The iPad Air 2 is thinner and lighter with a brand-new Touch ID feature, simply unlocking your device using just your fingerprint. With an A8X chip, this provides the iPad with better efficiency, greater battery life, and excellent performance. New camera features were added with the iPad Air 2 including time lapse, burst mode, and slow-motion video.

Accidents can happen and damaging your screen or dropping your device in water can be just as frustrating. The entire screen will need replacing as our screens come with both LCD/digitizer and glass screen pre-bonded together. The parts we use are of the highest quality and are QC tested to ensure durability.

Need a quality iPad Air 1 repair instead? If you're unsure of what repair your iPad Air 2 might need either your headphone jack has stopped working or your battery is draining, our tech repair specialists in-store can diagnose the fault on-the-spot and recommend the repair your iPad requires at one of our 26+ stores in the UK (including London).

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