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Two years of not worrying about breaking your screen? Sounds good to us...

Get any case, unlimited screen protector replacements and your next two screen replacements for only £49. 

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Screen replacements will be with our 'iSmash Standard' option. Upgrade to replacements with 'iSmash Premium' screens for an extra £10. View full T&cs here.

What other types of protection do iSmash offer?

We believe prevention is better than cure.

So we’ve curated a range of protection products that can be installed by our Technicians in a matter of minutes. Ask about our protection options when you get to any of our 38 locations. Our expert technicians will help you to find out the best protection for your precious device.

(£10 - £25)

Our range clear and coloured cases that offer sleek looks, sturdy protection and use recycled materials that protects your phone, the planet and your pocket. We’ve even teamed up with Otterbox to offer cases that have been tested to Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6) to withstand even the hardest knocks, bumps and drops.



This next level screen protection gives you super slim, edge to edge screen cover with HD clarity. It’s unique properties make it shock absorbent and “self-healing” against small scratches. This means TechWrap never chips, cracks or breaks like Tempered Glass and better still it works perfectly with in-glass finger print reader technology, Face ID and retina scanners. We’re so confident in its protection that If you’re ever unhappy with the performance of Techwrap, simply bring in the product with your receipt, and we’ll replace it for a small installation charge. Now available for all phones, smartwatches and tablets.

Screen Protector

Get the most popular screen protector professionally installed at any iSmash Service Centre. We use the highest grade glass that keeps your screen slim, sleek and stronger. Available for all iPhone and iPads models.


Protection Pack T&Cs


1. Who we are

1.1. We are iSmash UK Trading Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 09347088 and a registered office at Suite 3.08 20 Procter Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1V 6NX. Our VAT number is 214 8840 08.

1.2. For more information about us and our contact details, please follow:

2. These Terms

2.1. These terms and conditions (“Protection Product Terms”) shall apply to the provision of our protection product Service (“Protection Product”) to you and they incorporate by reference our Conditions of Repair found, which together (and any other documents and policies which are referred to in them) make up the Agreement between you and us in respect of the services and/ or products that we may provide to you as part of the Protection Product.

2.2. Should there be any conflict between these Protection Product Terms and our Conditions of Repair, then these Protection Product Terms shall take precedence.

2.3. Any capitalised terms in these Protection Product Terms shall have the meaning given to them in the Conditions of Repair unless otherwise defined.

3. Our Protection Product

3.1. If purchased, our Protection Product provides you with the following:

3.1.1. one tempered glass protector for your Device (“Screen Protector”);

3.1.2. one Device case (“Case”); and

3.1.3. a maximum of two Screen Repairs (as defined below) for your Device to be claimed in accordance with these Protection Product Terms.

3.2. The price payable by you for our Protection Product is dependent upon your Device and the specific products that you agree to be included in the Protection Product and therefore will be confirmed to you at the point of purchase.

4. Registration of your Protection Product

4.1. Upon purchase of our Protection Product, we will obtain your contact details and Device details which will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy and kept as evidence of your purchase of our Protection Product.

4.2. Either a LCD screen or an OLED screen (each referred to as a “Screen” as applicable) will be included as part of your Protection Product.

4.3. Each Protection Product purchased must be in respect of one Device, the details of which are given to us in accordance with clause 4.1, and cannot be transferred to any other Device.

5. Claiming Screen Repairs

5.1. A “Screen Repair” means the installation of a new Screen and a Screen Protector on your Device.

5.2. In order for your Device to be eligible for a Screen Repair as part of the Protection Product purchased, the following conditions must all apply:

5.2.1. the Screen Repair must be claimed in-store at one of iSmash stores which can be located via the link;

5.2.2. the Screen Repair must be claimed within 24 months from the date of your purchase of the Protection Product;

5.2.3. if we have previously under a Screen Repair on your Device then at the point of claim, your Device must still have in place the Screen Protector which was purchased as part of the Protection Product;

5.2.4. if we have previously under a Screen Repair on your Device then at the point of claim, your Device must still have the Case in place which was purchased as part of the Protection Product;

5.2.5. if we have previously under a Screen Repair on your Device then at the point of claim, your Device must still have installed the replacement Screen which was originally installed by us; and

5.2.6. the Device must have the same serial number and IMEI as the Device details given to us in accordance with clause 4.1 above.

6. Cancellation, Refund and Exchange for in-store purchases of the Protection Product

6.1. Should you purchase our Protection Product in-store, then no goods or service purchased as part of the Protection Product may be returned or exchanged (in part or full) at any time and no refund will be given should you change your mind with the purchase.

6.2. You cannot be reimbursed for any unused Screen Repairs nor can any unused Screen Repair be exchanged for any other service or good.
For any enquiries please contact iSmash Customer Service:
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