Pick your protection

We believe prevention is better than cure.

So we’ve curated a range of protection products that can be installed by our Technicians in a matter of minutes.

(£10 - £25)

Our range clear and coloured cases that offer sleek looks, sturdy protection and use recycled materials that protects your phone, the planet and your pocket. We’ve even teamed up with Otterbox to offer cases that have been tested to Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6) to withstand even the hardest knocks, bumps and drops.


Screen Protector

Get the most popular screen protector professionally installed at any iSmash Service Centre. We use the highest grade glass that keeps your screen slim, sleek and stronger. Available for all iPhone and iPads models.



This next level screen protection is gives you super slim, edge to edge screen cover with HD clarity. It’s unique properties make it shock absorbent and “self-healing” against small scratches. This means TechWrap never chips, cracks or breaks like Tempered Glass and better still it works perfectly with in-glass finger print reader technology, Face ID and retina scanners. We’re so confident in its protection that If you’re ever unhappy with the performance of Techwrap, simply bring in the product with your receipt, and we’ll replace it for a small installation charge. Now available for all phones, smartwatches and tablets.

Liquid Nano™
(Coming Soon)

Prefer the naked look? With a simple and quick wipe on application, have a layer of liquid glass fill in the macroscopic ridges and imperfections naturally found in glass (even brand new phones). It cures in minutes and typically increases the screen’s hardness from H6 to H9. It’s so strong that treated devices are backed by warranty. LiquidNano™ comes with warranty for a treated device, so if the screen shatters within a year of registration (through the ASFALIS app) make a claim and they’ll instruct iSmash to replace the screen.

Ask about our protection options when you get to any of our 35 locations. Our expert technicians will help you to find out the best protection for your precious device.

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