Minidrone Jumping Sumo Isectoid

Minidrone Jumping Sumo Isectoid


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Strong Personality, Perfect Jumps

Buy the strong Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo from Handtec. With its strong personality the Jumping Sumo rolls, zig zags, rushes and takes turns at 90 degrees. Moreover, it leaps up to 80 cm in height in a single flash. Your Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo has three control modes - jumper, kicker and auto balance. With the Jumper mode the Jumping Sumo jumps 80 centimetres in height and always lands on its wheels. With the Kicker control mode, it pushes objects in its path. The Auto balance mode balances the fashion as a "Segway".

Roll and Jump

Your Parrot Jumping Sumo is designed using sophisticated technology that enables precise turns than any other radio controlled car. Your Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo performs half and U-turns in seconds with its inertial unit. In addition to this, your Jumping Sumo will express his mood with customizable sound animations depending on your driving.As soon as you take it into your hand the LED turns red to show that the jump is disabled.

Directional Stability

You will have 2 piloting experiences with the Jumping Sumo adjustable wheels. For better stability in high speeds the wheels open and retract in compact mode do that your Parrot can pass through narrow spaces. The embedded technology perfectly straight paths and extreme turns.

Immersive View

The Parrot Jumping Sumo is equipped with wide angle camera that gives you live views on the piloting screen. Explore inaccessible areas and discover the world at the height of your Jumping Sumo.

Intuitive Control

With the FreeFlight app you can control your Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo via your smartphone or tablet. It connects through your Wifi to your Jumping Sumo, which then generates its own 2,4 and 5 GHz network. It is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android phones.

The Road Plan

With the Road plan you can program a sequence with acrobatics. The sequence appears in the predefined tricks of your Jumping Sumo.

Parrot Cloud

Share your acrobatics with other pilots with the Parrot Cloud App. Moreover, keep a track of all your sessions and share photos, videos and data with other cloud members. Instantly on YouTube and Facebook. Also have a free backup of everything.

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