Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)

My Samsung Galaxy A3 screen needs repair - it is cracked and only working intermittently. Can you replace this?

Book an appointment with iSmash using our simple booking system - just select your device, the issue and choose a store - and we will replace your Galaxy A3 screen while you wait. Many of our repairs are complete in around half an hour so by the time you've nipped out to grab a coffee and come back, your device will nearly be ready for you. All our parts are the highest quality and have a lifetime warranty so you can be confident that we're the trusted repair experts.

My Samsung Galaxy A3 battery isn't holding its charge. Do I need a replacement?

Modern phones are basically computers with circuitry, hardware and apps that all impact on battery life. Try these hints to see if you can improve your battery life:
Turn off location settings: if your Galaxy A3 is constantly updating its location it can be a drain on power.
Force close all apps then switch your device off and on again.
Uninstall any new apps you've put onto your device since you noticed the battery issues.
Lower the screen brightness.
Change the settings so that if you're not on your home network, Wi-Fi is off. The same as to GPS, if your phone is constantly seeking a network it can suck up the battery life.
If, after all that, your battery is still discharging its power at an unreasonable rate with reasonable usage, contact iSmash and we will run thorough diagnostic tests to determine the problem, and if necessary, fit a replacement battery to your Samsung Galaxy A3.

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