What is LiquidNano™?

What is Liquid Nano?

LiquidNano™ is a new type of screen protection that looks and works better than tempered glass solutions.
Mobile device glass imperfect and under a microscope you’ll see it has many grooves and ridges, which makes it susceptible to scratches, shattering and build-up of bacteria.
With LiquidNano™ you can apply a layer of liquid glass (Silicone Dioxide), which dries and binds to your screen, filling in those nano imperfections. Even better, it restores the oleophobic qualities of your device making it hard to leave smudges and bacteria from finger prints.
This provides an invisible layer to your screen without impacting the look, feel or use of your device. LiquidNano™ are so confident in their product, they’ll repair your screen with iSmash for free* if your screen shatters within 1 year.

How do I get my next screen repair for free?

LiquidNano™ works on all models of mobile phone and tablets, with comes with a 1 year performance warranty (this is not an insurance product).
Register your purchase and application of LiquidNano™, within 30 days of purchase using the dedicated mobile App (see details below).
If your phone or tablet screen breaks or shatters within 1 year from purchase, they’ll replace your screen for free at iSmash.
Should iSmash not repair your device the warranty administrator Asfalis will provide up to £200 cover.
Please note that LiquidNano™ does not cover any other damage e.g. cameras, glass backs and the warranty does not cover other devices e.g. laptops, watches.
A full set of their terms and conditions can be found here.

Application instructions

Pre-cleaning device screen
Thoroughly clean the device screen with the cleaner wipe and allow it to fully dry. Remove all traces of cleaner residue by buffing the glass with the microfiber cloth.
Please note: that any cleaner residue left on the screen will adversely affect the ability of the nano coating to bond to it.
Applying the nano coating

STEP 1 - use the nano coating wipe in a circular motion to apply the nano coating over the entire surface of your device screen.
STEP 2 - allow the screen surface to dry for at least 30 minutes. When fully dry a residue will be visible on the device screen.
STEP 3 - use the microfiber cloth to completely remove the excess nano coating residue. The device is now ready to use.
Please note: for optimal results and to allow maximum drying & curing time, it is recommended to apply LiquidNano™ liquid glass screen protector last thing at night and complete step 3 in the morning.
Post application
Following the application of LiquidNano™ Liquid Glass Screen Protector, customers may notice that some minor scratching appears on their device. Please do not be concerned as this scratching is in a layer of excess liquid glass remaining on the device screen after application. This scratching is easily buffed off using the microfiber cloth supplied. The device screen remains protected by the nano surface layer at all times.

Smartphone & Tablet warranty registration

To activate your product warranty, you must first register your details and your device using the Asfalis Registration App available from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
Please ensure that you download the Asfalis Registration App onto the device that you have applied your liquid glass screen protection product to.
1) Once installed we will request your contact information (name, address and email) so that we can register the warranty to you.
2) Next, we need you to complete 2 simple tests on your device screen to make sure your screen is intact at the time of registration.
3) Finally, we need to confirm your device information (Make / Model / IMEI) so that we can identify your device correctly and link it to your warranty.
Once you have completed these 3 simple steps, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your warranty details.

Download the ASFALIS Warranty Solutions app to register for your Warranty

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