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iSmash has a growing number of repair locations across the UK, with a team of tech repair technicians ready to diagnose and carry out your LG phone repair today. From screen repair to full screen replacement, we will be able to get your phone fixed and back with you as soon as possible. Many of our repairs are complete in under an hour thanks to the expertise of our team so we can get you up and running the same day.

How iSmash Work With You
We offer several services, all designed to make getting your smartphone to us as easy as possible so our expert technicians can get on with the job of undertaking your LG repair. We offer an in-store ‘while you wait’ service, as well as the option of couriering your device to us. You can also request a post-in pack to send your smartphone to us securely.

Fast and Secure Repair
A quick, efficient and secure service is what we deliver at iSmash. From the ease of the booking process, to the speed and quality of the repair, plus a 12 month warranty for our work, our aim is to get your LG repair completed so your phone is in working order as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our same day courier service is just 4 hours, and if you post your device to us we offer a 48-72 hour turnaround across the UK, reducing the time you’re without your LG.

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