iPhone Repairs FAQs

Why Choose us?

  • UK's leading high-street technology repair service.
  • Highly qualified technicians.
  • Use the highest quality parts that are quality controlled.
  • All our iPhone screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty!
  • Highly rated on Trustpilot by our customers (see our reviews).
  • iPhone express repair service: We ensure your iPhone is fixed and back to working order in no time. Most repairs take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

How do I book an iPhone Repair?

  • Select iPhone Device model.
  • Select Repair type.
  • Book an appointment at one of our many stores across the UK and bring it in for repair. (Or you can post it to us, whichever is more convenient!). We also offer a same day courier service for certain postcodes.
  • Get It Back and Enjoy it!

Why won't my iPhone turn on?

  • There are a few potential reasons why your iPhone may not be turning on. Here are some possible solutions:
  • Out of battery: If after you press the Home button you see an empty battery symbol then your phone it is out of charge. Plug it into a power source and wait for it to turn back on.
  • Restart the phone: Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the phone turns off and then hold it again to switch it back on.
  • Water damage: If your iPhone water damage indicator has turned red you should leave it out to dry for at least 48 hours. Read more in our How to Fix your Water Damaged iPhone guide.
  • If none of these solutions work, bring it into iSmash for one of our professionals to look at. Read more in our My iPhone won't turn on guide.
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