iPhone Battery

Wondering why you should go to iSmash to replace your battery?

It's simple - our turnaround times are speedy, we only use the highest quality parts and our service is reasonably priced. You can walk into our store, get your battery replaced and improve your phone's performance in minutes. If you want to take advantage of the iPhone battery service at Apple, you will need to fill out a battery service request first and you might wait up to five business days for the replacement service (if there are no delays). If Apple's battery tests say everything is fine, but you're experiencing unexpected shutdowns or your phone is running slower than it should be, book an appointment or walk into our store and chat to our technicians - we'd love to help extend the life of your current device and do it quickly. Follow these useful tips to help you get the best from your iPhone battery.

Can I replace my iPhone battery myself?

You can try replacing it yourself with a DIY battery kit, though this approach will not appeal to everyone and there is a risk of damaging your phone's inner circuitry. If you want a high-quality battery replacement done for you, book an appointment at one of our iSmash stores and our accredited technicians will fit your iPhone with a new battery while you wait in store.

Why is my iPhone's home button not working after getting a battery replacement

This is often caused by damage inflicted to the phone's circuitry during the battery replacement process. This is, unfortunately, one of the risks that you take when you use a self-repair kit. If you replaced your battery at iSmash we've got you covered - our battery replacement service comes with a 12-month warranty. Return with your iPhone to any of our stores nationwide & one of our specialists will be able to assist you further.

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