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iSmash have a growing network of stores across the UK, and with a highly qualified team of expert repair technicians, our reputation continues to grow as the trusted tech repair specialists. If you are in need of a Google Nexus repair, whether it is a Nexus screen repair or a full screen replacement, contact us today and let us help you get your mobile, mobile again.

How We Work With You
At iSmash we’re committed to delivering high quality repairs, while making it as convenient as possible for our customers. This is why we offer several options when it comes to getting your smartphone to us so, we can undertake your Nexus repair and have it working as quickly as possible.

As well as in-store repairs while you wait, we also provide post-in packs so you can send your device to us securely, plus in certain postcodes a courier option is also available.

Speedy Repair
Many of our Nexus repairs are complete in under an hour - and even if you’re unable to get to one of our stores, we offer quick turnarounds on our other repair service options too. All repairs are covered by our 12 month warranty to give you complete peace of mind when you work with us.

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Five Reasons to Choose iSmash

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Google Repairs Cost

Device Screen repair price Battery replacement prices All other repair prices
Pixel £109.99 £59.99 £20 - £69.99
Pixel XL £129.99 £59.99 £20 - £54.99
Pixel 2 £109.99 £59.99 £20 - £69.99
Pixel 2 XL £199.99 £59.99 £20 - £49.99
Pixel 3 £249.99 £59.99 £20 - £84.99
Pixel 3 XL £269.99 £59.99 £20 - £84.99
Nexus 6P £199.99 £49.99 £20 - £49.99
Nexus 6 £189.99 £49.99 £20 - £49.99
Nexus 5X £119.99 £49.99 £20 - £39.99
Nexus 5 £79.99 £49.99 £20 - £39.99

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