Need a tech support service? Look no further than iHelp!

We’ve got staff instore and online ready to answer your questions, and iHelp blog posts specially designed to help you with everyday problems, as well as demonstrating tips and tricks.

From extending your iPhone battery life to deciding whether to update your Android version, almost all iHelp is free of charge, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Tech Team

  • Restore/update software

    We can teach you how to restore/update to the latest version of software.

  • Information retrieval

    We will do our best to retrieve your personal info and locate your backup.

  • Device is running slow

    We can optimise your settings to stop your device lagging and crashing.

  • Quick fix

    Any issue big or small, we’re happy to help. Just let us know!

  • Contact Sync

    We can help you transfer your contacts from your old device to your new one.

  • How to use my Apple Device

    We can demonstrate the basic functions on your newly purchased Apple device.

  • Advanced Apple device features

    Advanced features of your Apple device can be demonstrated for you.

  • iMessage/Facetime setup and tutorial

    We can show you how to use iMessage and FaceTime with ease.

  • Setup iCloud and sync all of my devices

    Sync all devices you own so that you can access your info anywhere.

  • Setup/sync Mail accounts

    Tutorial of how to setup and make changes to mail accounts on your device.

  • Contacts management

    Learn how to back up your data, as well as transfer and extract contacts.

  • iTunes management

    We’ll show you how to manage your music and create playlists.

  • How to purchase and manage apps/music

    Using the app store and making the most of the apps you love.

  • Managing music/photos

    How to manage your media between your devices and Mac or PC.

  • Setup/edit Apple ID

    Need to setup a new Apple ID or make changes to an existing one?

  • Backup device information

    Explanation of the many ways you can keep your data safely backed up.

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