Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repairs

Same day screen repairs from £20 - £129.99

3 repair types inc. replacement screen and unknown fault

  • Release date: 23.09.13
  • 1080x1920 pixels
  • 13MP
  • 3GB RAM
  • Capacity: 16-64GB
  • Weight: 168 grams

Repair Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 With Confidence

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iSmash provide on-the-spot diagnosis, Galaxy Note 3 screen repair and fault diagnostics by our team of qualified tech technicians, based at our growing number of stores.

We are the industry’s trusted repair specialists and can provide Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD repair, including water damage, plus being able to investigate and repair issues if, for example, your Note 3 is not turning on or keeps freezing. With many repairs complete in half an hour, you can wait in-store while we fix your Galaxy Note 3, or come back later to collect it.

As well as our ‘while you wait’ service, you can also post your device to us, or we can even arrange to courier it in for repair by one of our expert technicians.

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What Customers Say About Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repairs Service

FAQs About the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repairs

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked around Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repairs - select your issue and see what we can do for you.

I dropped my phone and need a screen replacement for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I've seen it cheaper than iSmash - why should I use you?

Firstly, there's always a cheaper option and while that may initially seem attractive, it's worth asking why a competitor is able to carry out the repair at such low cost. Here are some pointers to help you make up your mind:
Where do they source their parts? iSmash have established long term relationships with suppliers who provide only the highest quality parts.
Who is actually doing the work on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? At iSmash we put all of our repair technicians through an accredited training course which means they are certified by us to work on all top manufacturers and models. They will fit the high quality replacement screen to your Galaxy Note 3 - while you wait.
Do they guarantee their work? Check their policy when it comes to after care. ISmash offer a lifetime warranty on all work we undertake so not only can you be confident in the parts and the work we do, but also if there are any issues post-repair you can be sure that we'll put it right.
We hope to see you to repair your Galaxy Note 3 screen - when you're ready to book just follow the easy steps to choose a service option and store and we'll do the rest.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery isn't holding its charge. Do I need a replacement?

Our phones are like mini PCs these days with lots of circuitry, software, hardware and apps that all impact on battery life. Try these tips to see if you can bolster your battery:
Turn off GPS tracking or location settings: if your Galaxy Note 3 is constantly updating it's location it can be a drain on power.
Force close all apps and turn your device off and on again. Uninstall any new apps you've put onto your device since you noticed the battery deficiency. It may be that this is causing a problem.
Turn down the screen brightness.
Change the settings so that if you're out and about and not on your gone network, Wi-Fi is off. Similar to GPS, if your phone is constantly searching for a network it can suck up the battery life.
If, after all that, your battery is still discharging its power at an unreasonable rate, contact iSmash and we will run some diagnostic tests to determine the issue, and if necessary, fit a replacement battery to your Galaxy Note 3.

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