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iPhone 7: a Bigger Battery, Wireless Headphones and Dual Cameras?

By : Gareth Sutcliffe   /  

iPhone 7: a Bigger Battery, Wireless Headphones and Dual Cameras?

With the dust now settled from the successful iPhone SE launch, the attention of Apple's devoted followers seems to have turned to the impending iPhone 7 reveal. Despite official details remaining non-existent, several key features have emerged as the most likely potential game changers for the next generation of smartphones.

First of these is the news that every iPhone user from the devoted clash of clan player to the part-time snapchat model would have been waiting for; a potentially bigger battery. A leaked image shows the specs of the potential new battery design to be a 7.04 watt-hour model, which would be up from the 6.61 watt-hour model on the current iPhone 6S. Bad battery life has long been at the forefront of complaints from users, and this new battery would hopefully go some way to ease these concerns.

The second of the mainstay rumours addresses an issue that it seems no one was ever talking about. Apparently, Apple has plans to remove the headphone jack and convert to wireless headphones as standard. This does give the advantage of freeing up space for Apple engineers to fit more “stuff” into the phone and it would, to some, create a neater looking finish for the body of the phone. However, it would require that all wired headphones be compatible with the lightning charge port which you’d think would lead to a situation where you wouldn't be able to charge your phone and listen to music, right? 

Wrong. Apple is reportedly looking into Wireless Charging support for the iPhone 7. It is something the Apple Watch already supports, so it could be possible that the iPhone 7 would become Apple’s first smartphone to officially offer the same. 

Our last possible headline-grabbing iPhone 7 feature is the prospect of Dual-Camera technology being utilized on the device. We know Apple now have the technology after acquiring it when they purchased LinX imaging, and we know they are interested in implanting it soon after filing a patent in January 2016 titled “Mobile camera system.”

If they will utilise the technology on the iPhone 7 remains in question. With September 2016 looking like a likely release date it would be seen as a fast leap from patent to development but if any company can produce a quick technological turn around it would probably be Apple

As with all rumoured features, it is hard to know which if any will prove to be true but the thought of bigger battery lives, wireless tangle-free headphones and a possible innovative dual camera are fun to think about for now. Following the launch, iPhone 7 screen repair service is now available in iSmash stores.

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