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All You Need To Know About Apple's iOS 10 Announcement

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All You Need To Know About Apple's iOS 10 Announcement

Monday June 13th 2016 a seemingly insignificant date to all but die-hard Apple fans, marked the start of Apple’s 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.  

The five-day event is intended as a formal platform for Apple to showcase their latest software, hardware and technological advances to software developers… basically a formal opportunity to show-off to the collaborators and competition.

Each WWDC starts with Apple’s Key Note speech, usually intended to announce potentially headline grabbing news and this year’s speech certainly didn’t disappoint in that department. Apple decided to finally showcase the long awaited iOS 10 and with the announcement immediately caused a lot of headlines.    

iOS 10 looks fantastic. Now a lot of times Apple can hold a press conference about pretty much nothing and manage to make it seem worth queuing up an hour in the rain for six months later, but this time it seems the hype is real.

Let’s look at some of the key features that the release of the iOS 10 software will bring and just how each one will change and influence the way you use your Apple device:

Brand New Lock Screen

Straight off the bat is a new Lock Screen, so you can’t argue iOS 10 won’t be immediately noticeable. Along with a slightly new layout, third-party apps (think Whatsapp, Snapchat etc) have been given an interactive interface, meaning you can reply to and open messages from these apps without ever leaving the lock screen. The updated lock screen also comes with the ability to wake up the phone just by picking it up, meaning no longer having to hammer the lock or home button fifty plus times a day.

Delete Default Apps

Arguably the most requested feature ever by iPhone and iPad users was finally announced when Apple revealed that iOS 10 will bring with it the ability to remove default “Apple Apps” from the home screen.

So instead of hiding apps such as Stocks, Reminders and Find Friends in an ugly looking folder you can permanently remove them. All well and good until you find yourself one day really needing that Tips app… okay maybe not.   

Revamped iMessage

If we’re being honest, a lot of us have sort of neglected iMessage recently. The group chat features on Whatsapp and the ability to reply with facial expressions on Snapchat have seen iMessage move down the pecking list of messaging apps. But Apple wants to change that, and change that in a big way.

Features such as full screen message effects, extra emoji support and handwritten responses are all being introduced to attempt to have iMessage lead the way once again. You can also have your messages burst out or shrink away on the recipient’s screen (depending on context we guess) as well as a whole host of other features intending to keep you pinned into Apple’s once world leading message service.

All other

A re-developed Apple Music interface, a new photo storage feature (with facial recognition) called “Memories” and (because who could leave her out) extra support for Siri linking with 3rd party apps all lead the way in the sub-headlines of the iOS 10 announcement.

Overall it looks to be a very exciting September time when iOS 10 is likely to be released in the UK. Hopefully the download size won’t be as mammoth as previous iOS updates but even if it does at least we can finally get rid of the Stocks, Tips, Reminders, Find Friends, Health (etc etc) apps to accommodate. 

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