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A summary of Apple's iPhone SE launch

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A summary of Apple's iPhone SE launch

It was as newsworthy press conference as ever from Apple at yesterday's March 21st event. A brand new (sort of) iPhone, a brand new (sort of) iPad and a kaleidoscope of new colors to choose from on the Apple Watch. To save you the iHeadache of watching back the entire hour long event we have summed up the key points below. 

The New iPhone

The big question going into Monday's special event was would Apple announce a new iPhone. Nearly everyone assumed they would, the only debate being would it be a relatively newly rumored smaller iPhone or the ever-rumored iPhone 7. It turned out to be the former, with Apple using the stage at their California headquarters to officially announce the iPhone SE to the world.

The iPhone SE will be a small but powerful smartphone. Essentially the hardware/guts of an iPhone 6S shrunk down and neatly packed into the frame/body of the older iPhone 5C model. Much like the old iPhone 5C, the SE will be available in a select group of colors: space grey, silver, gold and rose gold. UK prices are yet to be formalized, but with the USA launch price being set at a record low for a new Apple iPhone at $399, it seems as if the SE will see similar lower end pricing world wide. 

The New iPad

With their wide range of products, it was always likely that Apple would utilize the Tech world's undivided attention to reveal further updates to the Apple family. Not content with just a re-sizing of the popular iPhone range, it was also announced that a new iPad model would soon be available; a smaller Apple iPad Pro. It was quickly made apparent just how this new iPad Pro would stand out over the already smaller iPad branded iPad Air models.

This new device will run at twice the performance of the iPad Air 2, contain a connector for attaching a keyboard and other devices, be able to record in 4K video and play sound out of a four speaker system. Along with all that it will also arrive with color options including space grey and rose gold. So just like the iPhone SE the new iPad Pro will be slightly smaller but just as powerful and available with those eye catching color customized options.

Apple Watch updates 

Keeping with the colorful theme, Apple also announced that a whole range of new colors will be soon available for the Apple Watch. Along with the host of news colors, it was also reveled that consumers will soon be able a order brand new woven nylon strap. Perhaps the most consumer friendly news of the day came with the news the Apple Watch will see a price drop to $299 (with UK prices still yet to be announced).

iOS 9.3

Although Apple roles out updates to the iOS system somewhat frequently throughout the year, it seems this update will be a bit more newsworthy than usual. Introducing a new Night Shift feature, this new update will allow displays to subtly dim and warm throughout the evening allowing our eyes to adjust to darkness and, potentially, help with difficulties sleeping after using smart devices. 

All Other

It wasn't all about the devices and software this time around, as Apple took the opportunity to update everyone on their increased environmental efforts. Liam, was introduced as a Robot mascot to increase awareness of Apple's iphone recycling options. Carekit, an original app by Apple, was also previewed as a potential tool to help users to closer monitor their health care and aid with specific diseases. 

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