Vine Vs Instagram - Who get's your vote?

Since the start of 2013, video sharing has boomed in the social space. Hundred's and thousands of videos are shared by users every minute across the globe on popular social networks such as Vine and now Instagram.

But what has instigated this? Vine was purchased by Twitter in October 2012 and launched in January, allowing users to upload short 6 second looping videos across their Twitter accounts, aswell as other social profiles.

During the first quarter of 2013, Vine took off and became the leader for social and video sharing. Many celebrities took to the platform, aswell as brands such as MTV, Doritos and o2, who have tested the platform for marketing purposes.

However the landscape changed in June 2013, when Instagram, the photo sharing giant owned by Facebook launched it's Instagram Video feature. Similar to Vine, users were now able to upload and share video's, with a limit of 15 second's compared to Vine's 6.

Since June, Vine has seen a decrease in uploads and shares to Twitter due to Instagram's update and although currently a very balanced playing field, it may only be a matter of time until Vine slips off the grid completely, morphed by the power of Instagram.

Having said this though, Vine has a loyal fan base and strong cult following, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds for both platforms, especially with another rising competitor in the video sharing market, Snapchat, starting to make a name for itself in recent months.

So the question stands, what do you prefer? Which do you use the most? Vine? or Instagram?

Have a look at Vine VS Instagram and cast a cheeky vote.


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