iPhone 5s - Fingerprint ID Can Be Hacked!

The new iPhone 5s has been one of the most anticipated handsets of the past decade and so far has proven to be a top seller, with Apple selling millions of handsets in its first full weekend of release.

Certain new capabilities such as the improved OS -  iOS 7, Faster processor and new camera have been some of the talking points, but its the Fingerprint ID thats now a slight cause for concern.

Rumours of the hacking capabilities have been circulating for a few days now, but its come to light that a group known as the 'CCC' (Chaos Computer Club) have demonstrated that the fingerprint of an iPhone 5s can be hacked.

The video here shows how its done - iPhone 5s Hack 

Although this is something to consider and keep on top of, there should be no real cause for concern. Keep your iPhone safe, look after it and ensure all security is set up correctly.

What security issues have you had in the past?

The Team.

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