iOS 8: The Top 6 New Improvements You Need To Know About!

iOS 8 will be available this Autumn and in all honesty, I'm pretty excited! It was officially introduced by Apple at the WWDC 2014 event on Monday and it appeared like there would be some exciting and useful improvements on the way. Apple has specifically said that iOS 8 has been developed to make your life easier, in a world where your Smartphone and Tablet is everything.

With the launch likely to be scheduled alongside the upcoming iPhone 6 release, there are already a few key features and improvements to look forward to. Here's my top 6:

1. Battery Indicator

We all know how awful the iPhone battery life is, don't we? I mean come on, I have to charge my phone 3 or 4 times a day! Luckily with iOS 8, we all get some guidance as to what apps and functions are draining your battery life and it will specifically indicate which settings you should change and what apps should or could be uninstalled.

Make sure you keep an eye on this one guys!

2. New Interactive Notifications 

DSC08059Imagine you're scrolling on Facebook or Twitter or playing Candy Crush, and you see a message notification come up at the top of the screen. It can get annoying having to go into your messages to just send a simple reply. With iOS 8, you can reply instantly through 'Interactive messaging' by simply swiping down and typing in your response.

This will be a great way for users to stay locked into a game, social session or web page without having to keep launching other messaging apps.

3. Health App

healthFor all you fitness freaks out there, the brand new Health app is easy to use and lets you store all your health and fitness information in one centralised place on your iPhone.

Whether you want to calorie count, track your nutrition or even monitor your sleeping pattern, the Health app has it all and will allow you to gain some valuable insight into your everyday life and just how well balanced you really are when it comes to your health! I'm really looking forward to this one!

4. New Keyboard 

keyboard-ios8One of the biggest problems I have everyday is predictive text. I send a lot of messages and in nearly every one, there's one word that is spelt wrong or predicted wrong. iOS 8 aims to change all that with their new keyboard with enhanced predictive typing.

The new keyboard monitors your conversations over time and learns how you are likely to respond to certain friends and work colleagues, giving you several word options that you can type in next.

5. Your Favourite Contacts

contact-strip-1Have you wanted to call a friend and ended up scrolling down for ages on your contact list? Now with iOS 8 you can have all your favourite and recent contacts in one place.

Simply double tap the home button and all your contacts will be in one scrollable strip at the top of the screen, above where all your apps are.

This should make it easier for you to make that vital call to your best mate to head down the pub for the game!

6. Improved Siri 

Siri_Update1Siri will now have a built in 'Shazam' style listening feature, enabling you to play music and identify your favourite songs. I don't use Siri much, but if this feature works properly it could be very useful!



Although we have to wait a few more months for iOS 8, it's safe to say that the new features and improvements could well be worth waiting for, as Apple continues its journey to make our lives more connected, easier and interactive.

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