iOS 7 - Bold move or Bad design?

Apple are always looking for ways to improve and build on their existing products and systems. In particular, the iOS (iPhone Operating System) is constantly developed by Apple in an attempted to improve the overall functionality of usability of their interface.

But the most recent and up coming version, iOS 7 has caused quite a stir in the media and iPhone community.

Although the overall functionality is set to be improved and enhanced, along with various app updates and new features, the design and look is set to completely change all together, with a more vibrant and colourful appearance.

Some of the new features to be added to iOS 7 include Control Centre, which allows you quickly change the setting for apps and controls you use the most such as wi-fi and Airplane mode. Air Drop, which allows users to share photos, documents and videos more efficiently from any app at the click of a button. Multitasking tracks what apps you use most and at what time of the day, so all your news feeds are ready and waiting for at that particular time.

All these improvement's sound exciting, but their is stilla big question mark over the deisgn and look of the new update, with some users already expressing their dislike to the new appearance.

Either way, it will be an interesting step for Apple and time will tell as to whether they made the right decision.

The team at iSmash feel the new layout looks exciting, vibrant and fresh and we look forward to seeing how iOS 7 has improved your experience. But what do you like or dislike about the up coming version, or the existing iOS 6?

Share your thoughts with us through our blog and engage in our growing community.



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