Apple's New iOS 7 - All The Best Things


So guys, the time has finally come and the new iOS 7 is now available to download for iPhone, iPad and various Apple devices. Now that the hype has died down and although there are still many issues of the software that need smoothing out, iSmash want to showcase some of the best things about iOS 7. Heres our top 7 new features and improvements from iOS 7.

1. The Look - You probably all know that iOS 7 has had a drastic change in appearance to its predecessor, making alot more visual, vibrant and slicker. The interface has also been improved, allowing for a much smoother journey through the dashboard and enhanced integration with all your apps.


2. The Control Centre - The Control Centre is a fantastic feature and one of our favourites, allowing for quicker navigation and access to your favourite apps, settings and features such as Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth. To access, simply swipe from the bottom of the screen.

3. 'Slide To Unlock' - The new slide to unlock function appears to be much more gesture focused this time around without the need to run your finger over a big blocky bar. We believe this is much easier on the eye :)

4. Wallpapers - We love the new default wallpapers! It's likely that you'll use your own photos eventually, but compared to before, iOS 7 offers a much wider range of cool images to use. Our favourite is the Space Galaxy or Mountain Peak.


5. Weather App - The weather app has been significantly improved for iOS 7. A much more brighter feel, scrolling function and hour by hour updates make this a primary weather app for all users to use, rather than its notoriously in accurate predecessor.

6. Open Apps - Another cool feature is being able to view all your apps and web pages that you have opened. By simply double clicking the home button you can swipe through and view all open pages. If you want to clear or close the page, swipe upwards.

7. Faster Email - If you're a regular emailer, you'll want it to be fast right? The updated email settings have allowed for lightening fast email speeds. Providing you've got a good internet connection of course!

So there you have it guys, there's our top 7 best bits from iOS 7 for now. If anyone has any other bits that they love from iOS 7, feel free to comment and share with us.

We suspect they'll be plenty of new features, updates and upgrades made available by Apple in the coming months, so of course, we'll keep you updated.


The Team.

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