All the current iPhone SE Rumors

At this stage it feels somewhat pointless for Apple to go to the trouble of announcing the new iPhone SE. After all, it seems everyone knows everything there is to know about it already. But, if you're feeling out of the loop and need catching up then we've gathered all that we (think that we) know about the iPhone 5SE below. Or, alternatively you could wait for Apple to officially unveil the phone on Tuesday....but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.


There's something very strange about this new iPhone's rumored name: "iPhone SE". Something that would be a first in Apple history. Worked it out yet? This would be the first iPhone without a number in its title. Hardly headline news but perhaps a significant step in a new branding strategy for Apple. This also means the iPhone SE will be a standalone device, with no ties to any previous model in Apple's production history, giving the SE a chance to bring something entirely new to the party.

As for what, if anything, the name stands for? That's anyone's guess so far, with Special Edition the seeming front runner and Severely Expensive not too far behind.


The main selling point of the iPhone SE looks set to be the size of the device. Reported to be 4 inches in size, this could make the SE potentially one of the smallest iPhone’s ever produced. A descale in size has perhaps been a long time coming for Apple iPhones with each device ever increasing in size, culminating in the iPhone 6S reaching a gigantic 4.7 inches. As we explored previously, it will be interesting to see if a sudden decrease in size results in a spike in sales for the latest iPhone.


Now for the slightly technical part. Memory has stepped in recently as one of, if not the main deciding factor in a purchase of any smart device be it phone or tablet. With the increase of users leading to an increase of file sharing across memory heavy apps such as Dropbox, Whatsapp and good old-fashioned Email, you need a large memory on your phone to keep up.

A recently leaked photo of the supposed packing of the iPhone SE suggested that the memory would be 16GB, although this could just be one of a handful of choices. Having 16GB as the default and only memory choice would not be an ideal situation for users. After all, both the iPhone 6 and 6S came with options to upgrade to 64GB memory.


With nothing officially announced until the March 21st event, its easy for any and all rumors to spiral out of control. The main rumor that has consistently stuck around seems to center around the iPhone SE having an overall design that will resemble the slightly underwhelming, sales wise, iPhone 5c. Other ideas being tossed around seem to suggest a better battery life, an improved camera, Apple Pay support as standard and the option to kill off Siri for good (just kidding on the last part, looks like we're stuck with Miss Apple for the time being)

Hopefully some of these rumors will prove to be true come March 21st, but if not it's fun guessing what the next Apple device to dominate our lives and pockets across at least the next six months will bring. Now, back to dreaming about the iPhone 7. 

Written by Conor Walsh

Photo Credit:Microsiervos

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