5 Quick Tips To Stop iOS 7 From Draining Your Battery!

When iOS 7 launched last year, we all thought there might be an improvement on the battery life! How wrong were we!

Although generally the reception to iOS 7 has been very positive, one of the most common complaints, as you might expect is the ridiculous battery life and how easily it drains your battery!

Here, i'll give you 5 quick tips on what you can do to save some of that vital battery life which I'm pretty sure you need.

1. Parallax Wallpaper

On your wallpaper, you may notice the motion effect on screen behind the apps. Although this quite a cool feature, it drains your battery faster than you think and quite a few people have said it can gibe them dizziness.

To turn this feature off, visit Settings > General > Accessibility and click Reduce Motion to "on."

2. Turn down the Brightness

This might seem obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people have their brightness cranked up to the max without even realising it!

To turn it down a notch and save some some battery life, visit Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness and decrease the setting manually.

3. Background App Refresh

One of the new features on iOS 7 is Background app Refresh, which essentially lets apps continue to run while you are busy multitasking on other stuff on your phone and refreshes content and updates while you are connected to Wi-fi, 3G or 4G.

You can either disable the function altogether, or manually select which apps you don't need to update.

To disable, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

4. Close Down Apps

Most of you guys probably know about this one, but just in case, may sure you always close down unwanted apps that are not in use or that you don't need running. The more apps you have open, the more battery will be used, its simple!

To swipe out unwanted apps, Double tap the home button > Swipe Up on Apps you don't need > Swipe right to move along.

5. Turn off Spotlight

The internal search function, Spotlight is useful but it doesn't need to be open all the time. Because its con continually indexing data, its killing your battery second by second and minute by minute.

Check out Settings > General > Spotlight Search and disable what you don't need, such as events and podcasts.

There are numerous ways to save your battery and these are just 5 of the best tips, but it's always handy to know what can save you that extra 10, 20 or 30 minutes battery for when you most need it.

Hopefully, iOS 8 will prove to be bit more friendly in this area, only time will tell!

Take care guys!

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